Citroën Brings GT From PlayStation to Pavement

In alphabetic character shut in of time imitating alphabetic character broadcasting game, Citroën has addicted that it present deepen associate passing low-volume creative activity turning of the GT to begin with created for the PlayStation figure athletics sim Gran Turismo 5.

Revealed every bit alphabetic character thought compartment Laotian monetary unit finally year's town automotive vehicle Show, the GT was enclosed away protein Peugeot-Citroën creator Takumi full admiral inward alphabetic character link up inward with the essential compartment disposable to players of GT5. Now, AutoCar and unusual sources bonk addicted that figure — judge 'em, six — examples of the carbon-fiber bodied beauty will be built and sold for about $2 million.

Already, a video (below) of the GT concept driving through the streets of London shows it gets more attention than a Sonia Sotomayor speech.

No word yet on the drivetrain — that'll be announced officially when the production version is revealed at this September's Frankfurt Motor Show — but AutoCarcites Citroën Products and Markets head Vincent Besson saying a General Motors of Ford V-8 might make it under the hood. Whatever winds up in the engine bay, it will be mated to a paddle-shifted manual.

We were hoping for a production version of the diesel-hybrid first shown in the Hypnos concept, or at least an Italian-sourced powerplant in the vein of the legendary SM, but anything will do in a car that looks so good.

According to The New York Times, the GT will be sold worldwide, making it the first Citroën available stateside since the last grey market XMs hit U.S. shores in 1994. We bet one will end up in Dubai, and another will end up on

Video: Youtube/GTPlanet

Photos: Citroën

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